Research on FoLA2

Currently we are researching how and with which elements FoLA2 improves usage/awareness/acceptance of Learning Analaytics. In October 2020 there were 14 sessions where FoLA2 was used to design learning activities. All sessions were done at the ICT Academy of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. In 7 sessions several group of teachers (with multiple roles) and students designed Discussion Groups for a Team Skills course. In 7 other sessions other goups of teachers and students designed Discussion Groups for a Quantitative Methods course.

Acceptance study (UTAUT2)

Epistemic Network Analysis study (ENA) (as long as this is a work in progress, this part will be password protected)

Interested in collaboration opportunties? Or do you want to use FoLA2 in your research or do research on FoLA2 you are warmly welcomed to get in contact with us. Please mail: